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About Me

Hiya! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Susie, I love sequins, make believe and dressing up. I’m a huge Wizard of Oz fan, especially Return To Oz.

I think early Cher is the most perfect human that’s ever existed.

I like to eat frozen Cadbury’s buttons and drink champagne or any fizzy wine really.

‘Funkier Than a Mosquitos Tweeter’ and ‘La Di Dah’ by Jake Thakray are the songs I couldn’t live without.

My kids are my main source of inspiration and they start all their games by saying “Pretend.....” that’s where there name came from.

I set up Let Us Pretend in November 2019 and prior to that I’ve worked in the PR side of the fashion industry. I think capes and banners are power and magic all at once.

So strap yourself in it’s gonna be a sparkly ride :) 

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